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From the time of establishment in June 2002, we wanted to be different and make difference in this industry. We strive to provide premium gloves with superior durability, improvised comfort with special look to every user around the world. We also strive to offer a quick and friendly service to our customers with competitive prices for the purpose of developing long term business relationship. Our extensive of 20,000 sqft factory with 4 production lines, offers you variety of dipping from latex, nitrile, PU and more more to suite and increase the protection level for the users. With the development of finishing on the dipping from classic to sandy, superior foam and water based PU, the new technology has given customers a wider range of product selections for their preference according to the industry and market. Besides, Safechoice also active in developing new gloves with new functions which could utmost the performance of the glove with the customers who wish to have their own special style of safety glove for the market. Last but not least, Safechoice will helps you to comply and achieve your creative thinking on making a chance on your gloves. We want you to wear safe, choice safe and stay safe with Safechoice.

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