The evolution of gas detection and the rise of the industrial internet of things (IIoT) in industrial safety

A-OSH EXPO 2024, which is being held at Gallagher Convention Centre from 28 to 30 May 2024, highlights the products and services of thought leaders in the occupational safety and health sector. The expo, Africa’s largest OSH forum, is co-located with Securex South Africa, Facilities Management Expo, and Firexpo. “This provides exhibitors with exposure to an expanded potential customer base. Visitors benefit from access to thousands of solutions across these four synergistic sectors,” says Mark Anderson, Portfolio Director at Specialised Exhibitions — a division of Montgomery Group.

“In the relentless pursuit of industrial safety and the mitigation of potential hazards, the evolution of gas detection technology has emerged as a pivotal narrative in ensuring the wellbeing of workers and the integrity of industrial environments. From humble sensors to the integration of cutting-edge technologies, the journey from conventional gas detection methods to the era of smart systems has been transformative,” says Samantha Pelati, Marketing and Sales Support at A-OSH EXPO exhibitor Trigas.

Wireless communication and data analytics have revolutionised the landscape of gas detection, ushering in an era of unprecedented efficiency and real-time monitoring capabilities. The integration of wireless technologies enables seamless connectivity between gas sensors and central monitoring systems, eliminating the constraints of traditional wired setups. This trend is more noticeable in the context of portable gas detection.

What are the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things?

  1. Connectivity.
  2. Real-time monitoring.
  3. Reduced response time.
  4. Data collection and analytics for insights.
  5. Regulatory compliance.
  6. Remote accessibility.
  7. Predictive maintenance.
  8.  Enhanced efficiency and productivity.
  9. Enhanced safety protocols.
  10. Safety and security.
  11. Scalability.
  12. Integration with other systems.
  13. Cost efficiency.

In conclusion, the evolution of gas detection systems, coupled with the transformative influence of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), marks a pivotal chapter in the ongoing narrative of industrial safety. From the rudimentary beginnings of canaries in the coal mines to the current era of interconnected smart systems, the trajectory has been one of relentless innovation. The amalgamation of wireless communication and data analytics has propelled gas detection into a realm of unprecedented efficiency, providing real-time monitoring, predictive capabilities, and invaluable insights.

“As industries continue to prioritise safety, the seamless integration of IIoT and connected gas detection stands as a beacon, illuminating the path towards a safer, more efficient industrial landscape, where proactive measures and advanced technologies converge to safeguard both assets and lives. The journey from sensors to smart systems is not just a technological evolution but a commitment to a safer and more sustainable industrial future. Trigas, specialists in gas detection and monitoring services, provide a variety of detectors for different environments. They offer pre-sale consulting to help clients choose the right equipment and provide post-sale services, including training, calibration, and maintenance for accurate and reliable gas detection systems,” says Pelati.

“We encourage companies in the OSH products and services sector to consider booking a stand at A-OSH EXPO. The opportunity to reach a target market that is hungry for OSH solutions is unrivalled. The networking opportunities at the expo are complemented by the drawcard that the two free-to-attend A-OSH EXPO seminar theatres provide. It is not uncommon for the Saiosh Seminar Theatre, and the Working at Height and Safety Seminar Theatre to be so packed that there is standing-room-only available. And once they have attended the seminar sessions, the visitors visit the exhibition stands looking for the solutions they hear about,” says Anderson.

Organisations wishing to exhibit at A-OSH EXPO 2024 can contact the A-OSH EXPO team on zelda.jordaan@montgomerygroup.com to book a space or capitalise on a sponsorship opportunity.

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See some of the A-OSH EXPO 2023 highlights here https://youtu.be/vQT3ULRl4I4

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